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As a native Westbanker, I have always made it my business to visit the farmers market in Gretna every week. When you go to the market, you can get a sense of how much time and care the sellers put into their work.

Groue, who is Marrero, uses locally bought tempered glass for her art, while her husband Pat Groue handcrafts the wooden frames for each of her works. To create them, she uses a handmade wooden frame for her artwork, and she and husband Pat come to the market with their children to present and sell their art.

Little Flour Bakery, run by Janet Orgeron of Gretna, uses farm-to-table ingredients in her homemade breads, including her ghraybeh (traditional Lebanese butter biscuits). She uses fresh butter and flour to make everything, and she uses it to help her make the sweets she sells.

Under the guidance of her mother, Sara Crispy Crepes, she specialises in sweet and savoury crepes, made with ingredients that come directly from other suppliers on the market.

I've been on the market for three or four years now and I've had a good fanbase since I started, "Delima says. I love the city and I try to support the local businesses so I can have them for a long, long time.

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One of the latest to join the market and present itself very well is the Saras Crispy Crepes group. You will find your crepes fresh and prepared with love and people will always be happy to see you there. The Gretna farmers market offers an art walk and has a special feature.

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More About Gretna

More About Gretna